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uv-b6 porto

Baofeng UV-B6 (5 WATT-UHF & VHF)

Artikelcode: 200
Prijs: EUR 55.00
Verzendkosten: EUR 7.00



  • Gevoelige ontvanger, verbeterd prestaties
  • 2m/70cm portofoon
  • Zeer goede prestaties!

Over dit product:
UV-B6 two-way radio is the newest style by Baofeng, it has multi-functions, such as dual band, dual display, dual watch, its performances are excellent and it is solid and durable. It has extra advanced functions such as Noise Reduction, U/V Cross Band Dual Watch and 1750Hz Relay Forwarding which make it a much more potential transceiver, It is really a cost-effective LCD dual band two-way radio.
1)       Output : 5W/2W
2)       Frequency Range: 136.00-174.00 MHz
                     400.00-470.00 MHz
3)       PC or Manual Program
4)       Radio Function
5)       Voice Prompt
6)       DTMF Code
7)       50 CTCSS and 104 DCS Codes
8)       Time-out Timer (TOT)
9)       Step Frequency(5,6.25,10,12.5,20,25KHz)
10)   Battery Saving
11)   VOX Function
12)   Busy Channel Lock Function
13)   Low Battery Warning
14)   Dual Band, Dual Display and Dual Standby
15)   Auto Back Light
16)   3 Scanning Ways (Time, Carrier wave, Search )
17)   PTT-ID (Press PTT to transmit code, release PTT to transmit code, or both can          transmit code)
18)   Frequency Difference Setting
19)   Keypad Number directly choose the Menu Function
20)   Reverse Frequency Function
21)    High illumination Flashlight
22)   High &Low Power Switchover
23)   Priory Scanning Function
24)   Wide/Narrow Band Selection
25)    ANI Code Edition
26)   Relay Forwarding Confirmed (1750 HZ)
27)    Noise Reduction
28)   U/V Cross Band Dual Watch
29)    Dimension: 116x58x36mm
Technische informatie:
Unity Section:

Frequency Range:        136.00-174.00 MHz
400.00- 470.00MHz
Storage Channel 99
Step Frequency 2.5/5/6.25/10/12.5/20/25KHz
Rated voltage     DC 7.4 V
Battery Capacity H-1800 mAh
Battery Life About 10 Hours
Frequency Stability ±2.5ppm
Work Temperature  -20 ℃ to +60℃
Frequency Combination    PLL frequency synthesis
Antenna Impedance 50 Ω
Wok Mode      Same Frequency  simplex Operation or Different Frequency  simplex Operation
Dimension    116x58x 36 mm (Excluded Antenna)  


Output Power  5W/ 2 W
Modulation Mode(W/N Band)    FM (F3E)
Maximum Frequency Deviation (W/N Band) <5KHz(W), <2.5KHz(N)
Spurious Power ≤7.5 µW
Adjacent channel power 65dB (W) ,55dB (N)
Spurious Radiation <-60 dB
Audio Distortion <5 %
SNR 45dB(W), 40dB(N)
CTSCC/DCS Frequency Deviation(W/N Band) 0.7±0.1KHz (W), 0.4±0.1KHz (N)
Modulation Sensitivity  8-12mV
Transmitting Current ≤1200mA


Sensitivity <0.20 µ V (12dB  SINAD)
Audio Power 1 W
Inter modulation Interference Resistance ≥65dB (W), ≥55dB (N)
Adjacent channel Sensitivity (W/N Band) ≥65dB (W), ≥55dB (N)
Audio Distortion 5 %
Receiving Current ≤ 400m A


Verzendkosten: binnenland: EUR 6.00
buitenland: EUR 24.00
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